Nuncracker Cast

Well the show’s over folks….  Nothing left but the NUNCRACKER memories now.  Well, and new friendships made along the way.  We want to thank everyone for coming to NUNCRACKERS, and trust me, we thoroughly enjoyed having you there.  We came extremely close to selling out Saturday, and we had a good turn out for every performance.  We hope that you will spread the word to your friends and family to make it to the next show, which has yet to be determined.  Rest assured, it will be a quality production with Mr David Inbody at the helm. If you’ve got experience directing, give us a call,  If you or your company would like to help sponsor a future show, or contribute to the arts endowment fund, just reach out to Mark Douglas, and I will get you connected. No amount is too small or too large. Thank you again for your support of the Coopersville Community Theatre. Until we meet again….

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