Mark and Lauri Douglas start a Fund for the Arts with the Coopersville Community Foundation

Mark Lauri Cujo

Mark and Lauri Douglas have generously opened a Fund at the Coopersville Area Community Foundation to forever support the arts in our community.  Annually, through this fund, a grant will be awarded to the Coopersville Area Arts Council to be used to advance the performing arts in Coopersville. Everyone is encouraged to support this fund by making a tax deductible gift to the foundation. By supporting this fund you will be supporting the arts in our community and the work of the Community Foundation.

For information on how you can contribute to this fund, contact the Coopersville Area Community Foundation (Holly Johnson) at (616)842-6378, or go directly to the foundation Facebook page and contribute there by clicking “donate now” on the cover page photo. Thank you for your support of the arts in Coopersville.

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